Friday, January 21, 2011

Show me love, darling. Join this blog!

So I've got an exciting new opportunity in the works -- today I talked to a literary agent about writing an non-fiction book! Can't say too much at this point, except that it's about a topic that I live and breathe (and so do many of you!).

In order to sell me as a writer to the publisher, the agent needs to show I have an existing platform (or base of readers who are interested in what I have to say). Two platform areas where I could use some help are my blog and Twitter.

Here's who you can help:

* If you enjoy reading this blog, please consider joining by clicking the "Follow" button on the right. See? I put it on top just for you!

* If you're on Twitter, let's be friends! Visit and search for maurer_kg. Click the "follow" button.

* If you know others who are interested in writing, outdoor sports, survival, international travel, etc., please share the links above with them so we can connect.

BTW, I post about once every two weeks, so I won't clog up your email with RSS feeds about the funny face my cat just made and what I ate for dinner. Promise.

Thanks for your help!

Fingers crossed on the book deal ...


  1. Hey Sarah - Fingers crossed and congratulations! From Leigh - fellow NaNoWriMo 2010.

  2. I have just found your blog. Steps one and two complete. :-) I do enjoy your writing and I wish you well in your pursuit of a literary agent.

    I have been blogging since Jan 2, 2010, every day. Your comment about posting once every two weeks seems like it may not help build your audience as quickly as you would like. I don't believe people who follow blogs feel it is bad to receive the email updates. My blog readers have said they like it.

    It may be a case of not having time, but frequency is an important aspect of building a following. My blog only has a small following (2600 Unique/month), but it continues to grow. I believe some of that is due to daily posts. Just an observation.

    Good Luck,