Monday, September 13, 2010

You might be from Bangkok if...

1. You have an irresistible urge to remove your shoes at the front door.

2. You're constantly amazed by the fearlessness of the native pedestrians.

3. You make social chit-chat about prostitutes, red light districts, lady boys and ping-pong shows. With complete strangers.

4. You scare other motorists doing the Thai-style squeeze-around. (More about this in my recent post: "Thai style driving not appreciated at the National Park").

5. Every time the cashier gives you change, you say, "Khap Khun Kha."

6. You can't believe how quiet it is in America...WHERE'D EVERYBODY GO?

7. You stand waaay too close in the check-out line. Hey, you gotta look like you're part of this queue. If your nose isn't touching the next person's head, someone might cut!

8. You barrel through the airport like a mack truck, heedless of the elderly and small children. To you, the terminal is a jungle. Only the strong survive.

9. On the subject of airports, you're salty that you have to pay a quarter for a luggage cart. Aren't those a basic human right?

10. You exit the bar at last call and immediately look around for a 7-11. Seeing none, you scan the street for a taxi or tuk tuk. Then you remember where you are. Looks like you're sleeping in the car =(

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  1. Hey there. I found this blog through another random blog, through another random blog, while wasting the night away (as it often happens when one starts following blog links. . . )
    Anyway- is this the same Sarah Maurer who was a go-for-it counselor once upon a time at a camp called Lutherlyn? If so- I know you! I'm Marianne Orris and worked with you, I think, maybe in 1998?
    Let me know.